1. Where's Waldo

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Where's Waldo

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I need 10 feets away deck of cards 52 pick up gang banging my name rat chase the cheese blue face falling back left back stuck in the dimension the boyy trying to get paid.


Verse 1
Bitches disappear
wanted lil couple of change
game vain in my name
how ugly can a shit get
steady trying to take
rugs to riches riches to rugs
space I need 10 feet away
before I
catching a murder case
blues face
slap taste perpetrator
deck of cards 52 pickup
trade blending
natural born leader
get the f*** out the way
scratching business
wrong season
wealthy living well
fire fire play with fire
get burn
young wood
salary slow
waldo go, go
looking for waldo
what you say bro
what u say bro
did you had waldo


Sporty lil wodie

brad 2 riches riches to rags
bictnes fallin back left back
n***** don't do yoda
rat chase cheese
stuck in uh maze
that boy trying to
get paid, get paid, get paid

Verse 2

Rat chase cheese
cat chase rat
sweat my hat
bang, bang, bang
ducked off plan in insane
game mentally distured
word from the bird
throwing up early
did some curls
no picture in reality
popping bottle hennessy
goin off patron
what it gone be
rag to riches riches to rags
about yo pass
grow some
seeds in some grasss
smoking gas lound pack
3.5. dime sacks