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Stacking Materials gotta get dis money up, up, up I'm Hustler Hustler no more ghetto projects ghetto songs sing along ringing cell phones.


Veres 1
Stacking materials

worry bout eating uh bowl of cereal
claiming you getting ready
worry uh about unnecessary
personal things
not about business
get money
up up, up, up
get money up
thinking bout what i got
I appreciate it
jesus prays Amen
gotta go get it
never live life
pretending of a rich man
brad to bitches
faking conducting business
chicken head dance
homie reminiscing
crossing pistol pussy legs
game over body folder
smelling no baby order

Veres 2

Ghost writing jeopardizing
life, life
jeopardizing life
what's your ghost
ghost rider never lived in uh life
get away long time
from yesterday
acting stupid for lunch money
stuntin instagram
crown holling stunt dummy
smoke uh half a pound
I buy more weed less clothes
purchase weed hating
you got less clothes
Hook (Sang Slow)
I'm a hustla
oh yeah, oh yeah
Yes sir
I'm husla always uh huster
Oh yeah, oh yeah

Verese 3

Ghetto apartments
ghetto condos ghetto homes
no more ghetto projects
ghetto streets
more music projects
ghetto songs
ringa ringa cell phone
surviving ghetto streets
world never became peace
mark of the beast
shadows follow me
cliffin the world bang bang stickman
riding chopper hanging up candy
riding chopping ghetto childrens
dirty money, clean money
invested more dirty money
bragging about property real estate
homie catch a murder case
stockings over yo face
stick out yo thumb hike for a case bake a cake
it's yo dawg birthday