1. Chasin Money

From the recordings Grinding & Hustling and Ooh Wee

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Chasin Money

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She's sliding in the big truck free balling popping bubble gum viben with a star she pull them panty down. I'm up in the morning chasing money back to this money gotta stick to this money grinding all nite hustling to the summer got to get this money a rich niccga went to a poor niccga flying cockroaches sh*t eaters.



Up in the morning
Chasing this money
Back to this money
Gotta get this money
We grinding all night
Hustling too the summer
Gotta get to this money
Back to this money

Verse 1

She sliding anyways
Big truck nice cars
Baby sliding wit a star
Free ball, she wanna ball
slipping those panties drows off
Delicate hella fit, very thick
Pop n lock, tooise pop
Candy apple sour diesel
Lips pop, juicy fruit
Bubble gum chewing
Don't stop
Rocking this beat
Toast for my Gees
Hustling in the street's
Flipping Money, ( Making Money )
One time
No discussions crash dummy
Sicken to this money dance
Jerk bounce my head
Chasing money
Gotta get into the money
Back to this money
Up in the morning

Verse 2

Stacking dollars
Tip my collar
poppin bottles
Pau lay, Pau lay
She play, play swallow, swallow
lay, lay, lay
Hay hay
Chasing money, money, money
Burning gas rubber
Painting a picture fast
In and out on routes
City to city no doubts
Sicken and move
Shit so easy
Sticken to this money
Gotta get to this money
Skip in hoppin
Flicking out of sight
Pictures flicking
S*** delirious
Fumble Mambo Humble
Chasing money
Building to the top
Coochie poppin, Coochie fort
Deck of cards
Playing it raw
Switch it off, switch it on
Rich n*****
Became a poor n*****
Flying cockroaches shit eaters, shit eaters