1. What U Say Man

From the recordings What U Say Man and Ooh Wee Final (EP)

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What U Say Man

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Verse 1
Once again back on the scene
Papa my wrist earning my dollars
Sliding though the hood
Ever thing is all good
What you say man not a damn thing funny
Dummy please can I have my money in my, hand’s
Hand’s itching on this nigga man
Drop me uh nigga pop me uh nigga
Fuck all that what you saying
Put my money in my god damn hand’s
That’s all you need to understand
Too many story pay me my money
Money is time, Time is money
Continue to holler when you pay my dollars
Feeling like papa me a nigga dope me a nigga

Verse 2

Trapping in the hood getting my dollars
Papa my collar Bitches want to holler
Bitches want to swallow making my dollars
I’m not uh afraid man
I’m uh made, man with my own plans
Dope me uh nigga Pop me uh nigga
Claiming you is not no hater
Why is you hating own that playa
Go out there and getting it for self dawg
Grind never know how tomorrow
Might be looking like dawg
Hustle, hustle get money dawg
One life live show can end any day dawg
Playing with the game man getch yo money up man
What you saying man


What you say man
What you say man
I’m pop me uh nigga
I’m dope me uh nigga

Please can I have my money
Please can I have my money