From the recordings Mascular Attack, Grinding & Hustling, and Ooh Wee

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Mascular Attack

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The reason for this song because it's motivate me, About music I written before of positive energy. Kicking that music jam play that funky music DJ Turner table sounds atmosphere lights camera action picture millie faithfully genius peak the scenery music make me free.


Masculine attack

Serving that sack

( Posted in back )

Music, Music Coming back

On the set breaking it down

Holding it down

Anthrax put it on wax

Verse 1

baby kicking in a music

Kicking that music jam

Play that funky music

white girl

Dj turning tadebles

Sounds in the atmosphere

Lights camera action

Speaking Bentley Ellie Willie deli

Fo really accidentally

Pictures and a milli

Riding in a busy fo cheesy


Stacking cheese faithfully

Generous serious delirious


Peek the scenery

Mac a deli philosophy

Banging in the streets

Music make me free

Praise up my g
Hustling in the blood line
No more hard times
Late nights
Shaking dice
Eaten Chinese rice
Smoking all night
Mind & soul not function right
Music music coming back

Verse 2

Streets creepers
Traps keep us
Gorilla Gorillaz Splitter
Mason margarita
Tolerance bottom zero
Hardest hits
Dip drop, flip flop
Music Music Coming back
Masculine attack
Oscar Meyer
Fire fire
Fire Flame
Tac, tac, tac
Lyrics on wax
Yeah I'm back
Day Day Life
Godzilla ella
Delivery music n*****
Cashing in
DJ play that song man
Baby wearing thongs
Playing the ring tone
She Sitting home alone
Ready to get on
Singing my song
Dj play that song