1. Cut the Check

From the recordings Cut the Check, Grinding & Hustling, and Ooh Wee

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Cut the Check

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Day Day Life recently announced dropping the track “Cut the Check” and the song is exceeding even the high expectations put on the artists for his life performances. We all need to get paid for what we are doing," commented Day Day Life, who has seen his money come from many directions, before devoting himself completely to music. “The feelings behind my lyrics of 'Cut the Check' is something I think all my fans can relate to.


Everything I do is about check
we ain't fucking with you
If you ain't got that check
Everything I do is about check
bitch better have my check
Cut that check Cut that check
Cut that check Cut that check
Verse 1
Switching line left and right
passing the Coastal line
paper chasing cheddar
Protecting the cold weather
hot weather shit still amazed
clocking dis money
What you think some thing is funny
poor comments where that check,
where that check I need that check
Discussing this money
polish green like uh dummy
playboy bunny
Discoveries where is Waldo at
playing with that check
4,5,6 head creak
Money talking back
collecting that check
Flopping dead president
You stuck on the resident
picking talking s*** stacking your chips
smacking yo chips flipping the scripts
grinding collecting them chips cheese dip.

Verse 2
Eagle my Lego Snitching my figures
Snatching a diva
One for the money
Two for the show
Three to get ready
Four let's go
Young spoke d slang in dope
Betting base heads down
Shit don't stop cut drop, drop top
Mega man bounce
trick your self why bet yo self
Fuck nigga get existed
Transaction uh mission wonder wishing
pay attention scrape grinding collecting that check
Time is money Money is time
Blank of a eye wasting time,
Telling time passing wine back to this grind
clown in sipping my cup rolling my blunt
Smoking so my weed Smoking my lungs out
n**** what, n***** what
no playing with money suffer buffer bags
Baby slapping ass tap that ass stash that cash
Verse 3
Smoking like global over dover,
set up soda woadie back in a days
they had them boulders cut throats soldiers
Tie shoelaces short stop stick to the basic
Cut that check, get that check
Wait a minute time tech that check
Riding like matrix
Buckle up chasing money
What u see what u get
dollars after dollars Inspected boo
Making moves hiddy, hiddy, hiddy who
Been done that's, been did that
World trade playing spades
acing my ace throwing in spades
Chia, Chia, Chia Gotta get paid